Frequently Asked Qustions

Since we regularly get the similar questions we thought we would answer them here. If you can't find what you are looking for then please send us an email.

Tails of the Free is a small rescue made up entirely of volunteers. Animals are our passion, but most of us have jobs, families and other responsibilities. Please be patient with us as we do the best to help the animals and find them their forever homes. 

How do I adopt?

The first step is to simply fill out an application. While the stores have printed versions, it's usually best that you fill out the version online. This way it gets to our adoption screeners faster. You can email if you have any questions. Once your application is received it will be screened typically within 1-2 business days. Once approved an adoption time will be scheduled. 


Why won't the store let me hold the kitties?

Unfortunately for many reasons Pet Valu employees are not able to take the kitties out. Our volunteers are typically in the store in the late afternoon and if you fill out an application and are approved we will make an appointment for you to meet the kitties. You are not obligated to adopt simply because you have an approved app. 


Will you take my cat into your rescue?

We are a small rescue with a small group of dedicated fosters who hold cats prior to them entering the stores. The first step in us accepting a surrender is to see what room we have in our foster space and / or in some cases if we can go directly to a store. We require all shots be up to date with proof of the shots received and we also require that an FiV / FeLV test be performed to ensure the cat doesn't have either FiV or FeLV. 

Do you require a fenced in yard?

No. Fenced in yards are very nice, but they become just another room in the house to the dog. Walks are very important and you should be getting out and about with your dog. The more people who are involved the better - it's a bonding activity that makes the dog feel like part of the pack and stimulates it's mind. 

Do you Adopt Dogs?

We used to, but starting in 2019 we made the decision to focus entirely on cats. We never really adopted many dogs and it always seemed to take away from what we do best - save cats.