You need this... You really need this. :)

What do you use to scoop the poop?


If you've read our post on litter you know we scoop a lot of it. We've used plenty of the cheap plastic scoops and we've even received a bunch for free here and there. They break. They break and half the time your hand goes sailing into a fresh pile of poo. Not pretty...

We've been a fan of metal scoops since the beginning. They're durable and for the amount we scoop we need that durability. Many scoops, both metal and plastic have narrow slots that make it hard to sift the good litter from the bad. Not with this scoop. In addition to the odor destroyer litter that has a finer grain and the large openings of this scoop you can cruise through scoop duty. Maybe not a big deal with one pan, but a must have for a multiple cat household. Some of our fosters have up to a dozen pans. And, being metal it's super easy to clean. All scoops get crusty cling-ons on them but with this scoop just hose it off and spray it with some cleaner and you're good to go.

You can find this scoop at Pet Valu as well as most good pet stores - including online. Made by K-Kat Innovations. We get nothing for endorsing this scoop - we're just in love with it.  

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