Cat litter

When you run a rescue that focuses on cats and you rely on donations you end up trying a wide variety of cat litters. Here's a few of the things we've learned.

To scent or not?

Okay... It's not as catchy as Will Shakespeare but you get the point. The best litter we have used does one thing – dries the waste quickly. If your litter is only so-so but you want to sell it you add some perfume to it. Some cats will avoid scented litters and after a while they all smell like flowery poo. The bottom line is to get a good litter than will absorb the odors, not mask them with perfume.


Our Recommendations? 

Number one on our list is what we use in the stores - Fresh for Life Odor Destroyer. It's an unscented, clay based litter that does an excellent job absorbing and thus eliminating odors rather than covering them up. It's virtually dust free so there's no giant clouds of dust hovering though the house when you fill your litter box. That's good for little fluffy because that dust can irritate both eyes and noses of kitty. The gradual size is about that of course sand and is pleasing to all but the most picky cats. We first started using it when we took an intact male cat in who stunk up the entire store the first time he peed. The difference between the basic clay litter and the odor buster litter was night and day. 

Other litters we've tried.

When we have to isolate or crate a cat, or we have young kittens we typically use pine or paper pellet litters. Sometimes we also use shredded paper litter. These are typically dump and fill litters as they don't scoop well. However, clumping litter can be dangerous to young kittens if they eat it and clay litters make a huge mess if they're dumped along with a water bowl. 

We have used most of the other non-clay litters and "The World's Best Cat Litter" is damn good. Blue's walnut based litter is also very good, but I can't get past the naturally dark color of it. I keep thinking it's well past time to dump it. Wheat litter worked well, but we found it had an odd odor that we didn't care for. Lightweight litters were great when dumping the box, but we've heard rumors they can be easily kicked up and irritate noses. We didn't see that, but we have only used a few of them. We've used various other clumping and non-clumping litter both scented and not. Cheap litter is cheap litter and will stink up your house quickly if you let it. 


Odor Destroyer is a damn good litter, but there are other great choices out there too. Don't be afraid to add a second box with a new litter and let kitty decided. Some cats don't like certain litter or they prefer certain ones. Sometimes going outside the box is a sign they don't like the litter. It's also a sign of distress, so if kitty stops using the box get him to the vet to rule out medical reasons. We've taken in so many cats for litter box issues that ended up having worms or other medical issues that were easily cleared up. 

Pet Valu Odor Destroyer Litter

With the wonderful help of Pet Valu all our cats enjoy Odor Destroyer litter while they wait for their forever homes in the stores.