Animal Fosters

While we have many stores that we show our cats in we still need fosters. Please consider helping today!

Help us save lives!

We need foster homes from time to time for the cats in our rescue. Mainly it's mom's and kittens, but any time the stores are going to be closed we have to take the cats out. The space will be saved so as soon as the store is open you can bring them back. We usually have extra food bowls, food, liter boxes, etc to help you out. We even have a limited amount of crates and carriers. 

At times we are asked to pull pregnant cats. Cats are pregnant for approximately 63 days and the kittens need to be 2 months old before they can come back to the store. This is approximately a 3 month commitment and is a wonderful experience. We will take mom and kittens back when they are ready, but many of our fosters work with family and friends and find homes for the little guys before they get a chance to come back in. Let us know if you are interested and we will put you on the list. Once we get a call we will confirm with you and make arrangements to pull the mom to be kitty. Pulls are usually on a weekend and we can meet up with you and deliver mom and some supplies. We take car of the vet expenses while the foster is in your care.

Save a life today! Open your house to a foster animal so we can get them out of a high kill shelter.