Seniors for Seniors

Tails of the Free is excited to launch our new program, Seniors for Seniors. This program is designed to help both senior pets and senior citizens by providing a program where we match a senior with a companion animal, such as Miss Abby shown below. Many senior citizens would like a companion animal but don’t want a long term commitment with uncertainties about health/transportation/and living arrangements that come with getting older. By matching them with in need senior pets who wouldn’t need a long term commitment and by providing more of an open adoption it would not only open up the possibility of them having a pet it would help a senior pet get out of a shelter where the possibility is high that they would be euthanized.

Tails of the free will help support our seniors by assisting with transport to/from vet or grooming appointments, training support/advice, help with setting up food deliveries, and also providing the peace of mind that the pet may be returned if the need arises. We will be fundraising to make financial aid available for medical expenses over and above normal vet visits.

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